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Six-plex Housing

6-plex live/work Passive House housing project, Guelph, Ontario This project embodies sustainable lifestyle, in the form of live-work units (no commuting), healthy building (zero VOC, minimized EMF) and maximum use of locally sourced materials. Working [...]

Challenge House

 Living Building Challenge House, Guelph, Ontario This cutting-edge three-generation home is being designed and built to align with the stringent "Living Building Challenge (LBC)" rating system. The house uses Passive House design methodologies and is [...]

Creemore condos

The goal of this project is to produce more energy than the occupants are likely to use. The rooftop PV systems on each 27 unit building will generate sufficient electricity to cover heating, cooling and [...]

Cordage Green

Cordage Green Housing 48 unit Passive House housing complex Welland, On Preliminary Design and energy modeling for an affordable Passive House project