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Build SMART Wall Panels on Passive House Projects

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Build SMART Wall Panels on Passive House Projects Build SMART, LLC of Lawrence, Kansas is supplying a 49-unit project in Erie, PA, a 42-unit project in Johnstown, PA, a 40-unit project in Poughkeepsie, NY, and a 34-unit project in Woodstock, Ontario.

The unique wall panels combine the familiarity and constructability of conventional framing with the energy performance of structural insulated panels – and come with factory-installed, air-tightened high-performance windows. The waterproof window installation can withstand the 155-mph wind-driven rain of a Category 5 hurricane and satisfy the world’s toughest air tightness requirements.

The Passive House certified panels and windows meet the Passive House construction standard that is being applied to more and more apartment and single-family projects in Europe and the US. It is the most stringent construction energy standard in the world – twice as energy-efficient as Energy Star. The panels are also used on projects that do not follow the full Passive House program for wall, ground and roof insulation, and that target energy efficiency, assurance against condensation/mold/rot, and fast installation.

The panels install at the rate of 31 lineal feet per hour. Only one carpenter and two laborers are required. The panels provide quiet, and the corresponding “low-load” heating, cooling and ventilation equipment assures abundant, fresh indoor air that is virtually allergen-free.

So far, Build SMART has supplied two apartment buildings in Philadelphia, twelve houses across the US and Canada, and a Montessori school in Ohio. Build SMART has more houses in process and more apartment buildings in the pipeline for this year and next.

Build SMART is PROSOCO President David Boyer’s partnership with Passive House architect, contractor, consultant and instructor Adam Cohen who developed the panels for use in his design-build business. Contact Build SMART for a copy of a financial analysis showing an increase in annual profit on a 49-unit project of $60K to $85K depending on climate.

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