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Creemore condos

 Twin 27 unit Passive House condos Creemore, Ontario

The goal of this project is to produce more energy than the occupants are likely to use. The rooftop PV systems on each 27 unit building will generate sufficient electricity to cover heating, cooling and in-suite needs for 78 occupants. Energy modelling is predicting building Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of 98 ekWh/m2, 57% below OBC 2012. This is achieved through the use of superinsulation (R55 walls and R43 roof) plus passive house certified triple-glazed windows. Heating and cooling will be accomplished via a ground source heat pump while ventilation will be via in-suite ventilation units. Use of prefab wall panels is being investigated as a quality control and cost savings measure. Local Impact Design secured $60,000 in subsidies for this project via the Savings by Design rebate program.

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